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We are a specialized film and television production services provider based in Mexico City, with partner offices in Tulum, and in Havana, Cuba. We provide film production and location services for film, television, commercials, corporate video and still photo production. We support out-of-town and overseas producers and production companies on their shoots all across Mexico, Cuba and Central America finding the best solutions for every budget and adapting to clients needs and preferences while aiming to make your stay and shoot a happy and memorable one.

• B-lingual Crews

• A Wide Range of Film Gear

• Legal Assistance

• Casting Directors

• Animal Wranglers

• Studio Facilities

• Post Production Facilities

• Public Relations


With nearly 2 million sq. kms of territory, Mexico offers a vast variety of locations that range from incredible rain forest to the most inhospitable deserts, over 11 thousand kilometers of cost on both oceans, including what J. Cousteau called the aquarium of the world, the sea of Cortes and the Mexican caribbean with its pristine beaches and turquoise clear sea water. Colonial towns, pre-hispanic ruins and moderns cities can be found all across the country.


Locations are key when filming anywhere in México– we help find and secure them, including permits, insurance and more.

We have a large archive of specialized locations, from hard to find interior spaces, lofts and offices, to unique exteriors.


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